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It's a ham and liquor extravaganza!!

with guns and revenge

26 March 1979
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"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."
Oscar Wilde

I think, nine times out of ten, Oscar said it best.

I'm an upstate New Yorker who migrated to Illinois, through a series of wacky adventures. Sometimes, I miss NY a lot, but I have come to love Peoria as home. I live here with my husband and three very, very bad cats - Belina, Bonzai, and Moody. We also have a number of fish, including a black and white guppy named Frank Castle.

I have two degrees - a BA in English lit. and an MFA in playwriting. That sounds really impressive until you think about what kind of paycheck playwriting brings in. Since getting my MFA, I have been a teacher, a sandwich artist, a waitress, a hotel desk clerk, and a pet groomer. Currently, I am the ticket manager for the local symphony orchestra, and this job is meaningful enough for me to stick with it as long as I can. I also tutor part time online for www.smarthinking.com. For fun, and hopefully money someday, I write a comic book that my husband draws.

I know there's a section here for interests, but in general, I love books, pizza, Metallica, and more pizza. I also love all kinds of nerdery like comic books, sci-fi and fantasy books, The X-Files, Lost, Lost, and more Lost. My musical tastes run toward metal and hard rock. I have been known to pass an afternoon cross stitching pictures of kittens while listening to Rammstein or Metallica.

My dislikes include but are not limited to vegetables, bad drivers, the grainy texture of pears, anything with more than four legs, and the word "upgrade".

Anyway, this is a friends only journal so shout out if you want an add.